Numerous awards by which our products has been honoured attest to their quality:


1. „The Pearl of Cosmetic Market 2008”:

Third place in the category „ coloured cosmetics / eyeshadow" DUO LOVELY EYESHADOW LINE,

Third place in the category of „coloured cosmetics / nail polishes and conditioners,” NAIL ENAMEL WITH DIAMONDS LOVELY LINE.

2. Consumers' Product Quality Competition – „THE BEST IN POLAND” the right to label the product: MAKE-UP BRILLIANCE with an emblem „THE BEST IN POLAND”.

3. „Reliable Company 2011” Certificate. Under the patronage of the Representation of the European Commission after a three-stage positive verification, carried out by experts, consumers and business partners, was awarded with „Reliable Company 2011” title for timely payment of all obligations, respect for the ecology and consumer rights.

4. „Consumer Laurel Discovery 2008”, the Media Partner Group.

5. „Good Brand 2014, quality – trust – prestige” Certificate.

6. „2013 Debut” CONSUMER QUALITY LEADER program, 2013.

7. „The Golden Seven" ward, in the Golden Seven of Cosmetics Industry, Edition 2014 in „Coloured Cosmetics” category.

8. „The All Time Cosmetic” ward in the category of „Skin Care - Nails".





Wibo Company was founded in 1989. The company has been involved from its very beginning in production of coloured cosmetics. For several years, Wibo is the undisputed leader in terms of sales and popularity. Wibo is the most popular brand in the cosmetics industry for nail care in Poland. Shares in total sales volume stands at 11%, and 8% in terms of valuable, this places Wibo brand on the position of leader in the segment of nail care cosmetics ahead of such brands as Miss Sporty or Astor. Wibo and Lovely brands are very popular the biggest perfume and cosmetics retail store chains in Poland and abroad. Our offer also includes collections of skin care cosmetics and assortment of toiletries dedicated to in-out promotional campaigns. Cosmetics manufactured under own brand constitute a high percentage of our sales to our clients customers. They are present, among others, on such demanding and competitive western markets like Germany. Wibo company is rapidly growing, while the huge knowledge base and experience contribute to continued achievement of more success. Our team has over 200 employees that constitute a perfectly organised and specialised team. The enthusiasm of youth is intertwined with managerial experience, setting the company’s strategic direction. We place great emphasis on the development of advanced production technology, to ensure high quality of the cosmetics in our offer. Using innovative technological solutions, we offer the customer a wide range of new market releases. The high quality of our products combined with affordable prices place us in a position to compete with International brands manufacturers.

WIBO Sp. z o.o. Sp. k
ul. Kościerska 11,
83-300 Kartuzy

tel. +48 58 685 47 60
fax +48 58 681 39 59

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